Ganved14 2022/05/24 (No)
Some months ago, in our feature on the growing body of music dedicated to an awareness of our environment, we included Red List by New York flutist/saxophonist Brian L..
Ganved14 2022/05/17 (No)
Method books are important to anyone working to master an instrument, whether they are beginners or professionals. There are many such books for the flute and we have fea..
Ganved14 2022/05/16 (No)
FLUTISTS OF THE WORLD AGAINST WAR AND AGGRESSION Unique International Video Project 33 FLUTISTS representing 23 countries. PROJECT IDEA: Professor Ulrich Müller-Doppler..
Ganved14 2022/05/02 (No)
Review: The New Guide to Harmony with LEGO bricks: the best way to remember jazz changes, by Conrad Cork (revised edition, 2008). London: Jazzwise Publications Limited. [..
Ganved14 2022/04/29 (No)
“The 19th-Century French Five-Key Flute and the Modern Boehm-System Flute in Cuban Charanga”  by Jessica Valiente** Of interest to many flutists working in c..

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