Ganved14 2021/09/15 (No)
Following on from the publication of her Alto and Bass Flute Method Books, low flute specialist Chris Potter has now added to her list of transcriptions for these instru..
Ganved14 2021/09/14 (No)
The current global environmental problems have seen a world-wide response not only from scientists, but also from artists and musicians. So, as such groups as Shape of Li..
Ganved14 2021/09/13 (No)
Noam Buchman — Flute Concerti from Jerusalem. Noam Buchman – Flute.  1. Schlomo Gronich — Flute 3000   Jerusalem symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Dav..
Ganved14 2021/09/06 (No)
  Indentured Blue Deepak Ram — bansuri; Pepe Gonzalez — double bass Selections: 1. A Love Supreme 2. African Canvas 3. All Blues 4. Equinox 5. Indentured Blue 6..
Ganved14 2021/08/30 (No)
It has been one of our goals, perhaps the principal goal, at Flute Journal, to bring out information that can help to expand musical boundaries. Among the artists we have..

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