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Flute Journal Editor Launches Raga Initiative

By Ganved14 December 9, 2021 (No)
Flute Journal‘s parent company, Harmonia Communications, is happy ..

Deepak Ram to Open Harmonia Global Music Festival

By Ganved14 October 1, 2021 (No)
Grand Opening of the Harmonia Festival of Music and Worldwide Raga Initi..

Musicians in Support of the Environment

By Ganved14 September 14, 2021 (No)
The current global environmental problems have seen a world-wide respons..

Brian Landrus — Red List

By Ganved14 August 30, 2021 (No)
Following from the Ben Kono Group recording, Don’t Blink, New York..

Invitation to New Meraki Duo Live-Streamed Concert

By Ganved14 November 9, 2020 (No)
Dear Flute Journal readers:: This is Meera Maharaj: Many thanks to Peter..

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