Peter Westbrook 2023/09/22 (No)
Deepak Ram defies limits at Kino-Teatr and Jazz Hastings by VICTORIA KINGHAM (Originally published July 26th, in the Hastings Independent Press and used by permission) ..
Peter Westbrook 2023/06/13 (No)
  The Bansuri and Pulangoil, Bamboo Flutes of India Today, a simple bamboo flute, known as bansuri in the north, and pulangoil in the south, occupies a unique positi..
Peter Westbrook 2023/05/26 (No)
Wissam Boustany in Concert Back in 2021, Wissam Boustany gave a pair of concerts that were introduced to our readers here at Flute Journal. The first of these was at th..
Peter Westbrook 2023/04/15 (No)
Dear Friends, I just got home from spending two glorious days in the studio recording my next CD.  Helping to make the magic happen;  pianist, Josh Nelson – bassi..
Peter Westbrook 2023/03/15 (No)
2023 Alto & Bass Flute Retreats A) May 18 – 21 Chicago/Wheaton, IL Daily Schedule now Available Dr. Chris Potter, Retreat Director October 19-22 in Bethlehem, P..

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