Peter Westbrook 2022/10/10 (No)
Just prior to his European tour in October 2022, South Indian master of the flute J.A. Jayant sent us some biographical in formation: Carnatic, or South Indian, flute exp..
Ganved14 2022/09/17 (No)
Carnatic flute maestro J. A. Jayant appearances in England, Scotland and Mainland Europe J. A. Jayant, Carnatic flutes; Sumanth Manjunath, Violin; K. Sai Giridhar, Mrida..
Ganved14 2022/09/12 (No)
INTRODUCTION 2020: This biographical-interview with the late Paul Horn, jazz flutist, and Grandfather of New Age Music, was originally aired on local television in 1992..
Peter Westbrook (No)
STOP PRESS: Lisbon is flooded and the concert is POSTPONED for Thursday, Feb. 2nd, also at 7:30pm Lisbon/UK time WATCH THIS SPACE MEANWHILE: ENJOY THE EXCELLENT ARTICLE ..
Ganved14 2022/08/03 (No)
Following her article The Symphonic Debutante Piccolo: Was It Really Beethoven’s Fifth? Nancy Nourse presents the second offering in her series on the piccolo. It is..

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