Peter Westbrook 2023/10/06 (No)
Corelli Mania, featuring Michala Petri, recorder; Hille Perl, viola da gamba; Mahan Esfahani, harsichord 17th/18th century chamber music, with tracks by Arcangelo Corelli..
Peter Westbrook 2023/09/28 (No)
The Online Academy of Irish Music has produced another virtual flute choir performance. Enjoy!    
Peter Westbrook 2023/09/22 (No)
Deepak Ram defies limits at Kino-Teatr and Jazz Hastings by VICTORIA KINGHAM (Originally published July 26th, in the Hastings Independent Press and used by permission) ..
Ganved14 2023/06/23 (No)
Originally posted in 2017, this story recalled visits I paid to a friend I had not seen for about 45 years. And thereby, as they say, hangs a story, writes Peter Westbroo..
Peter Westbrook 2023/06/13 (No)
  The Bansuri and Pulangoil, Bamboo Flutes of India Today, a simple bamboo flute, known as bansuri in the north, and pulangoil in the south, occupies a unique positi..

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