Ganved14 2021/10/18 (No)
Flute Journal readers will be familiar with flutist/saxophonist Peter Guidi after our report on his sad passing from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease  in Amsterdam, April 2018...
Ganved14 2021/10/12 (No)
FOREVER – Bill McBirnie & Bruce Jones Bill McBirnie — flutes (alto flute track 2); Bruce Jones — guitar, percussion, synths (all tracks plus vocal track 7)..
Ganved14 2021/10/02 (No)
A message from Chris Potter: Play in my low flutes arrangement:  Funeral March of a Marionette by Gounod! It starts with a Duel, then a Shot, followed by a marching tr..
Ganved14 2021/10/01 (No)
International Flute Journal is now embarking on a new phase of development. In co-operation with our parent company, Harmonia Communications, Ltd. of London, with Music ..
Ganved14 2021/09/27 (No)
Astoria-based bandleader/ flutist/ saxophonist Carol Sudhalter will bring two October concerts to Queens audiences. Sudhalter has received a grant from the New York City ..

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