Ganved14 2022/05/02 (No)
Review: The New Guide to Harmony with LEGO bricks: the best way to remember jazz changes, by Conrad Cork (revised edition, 2008). London: Jazzwise Publications Limited. [..
Ganved14 2022/04/29 (No)
“The 19th-Century French Five-Key Flute and the Modern Boehm-System Flute in Cuban Charanga”  by Jessica Valiente** Of interest to many flutists working in c..
Ganved14 2022/04/19 (No)
Another message from the Online Academy of Irish Music! Happy Easter! The Bluebell Polka:
Ganved14 2022/04/04 (No)
Many of our Flute Journal readers will be familiar with Riley Lee; his articles about the shakuhachi have been read by close to 27,000 of you. Now, however, we have an o..
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Bird Song has played a significant role in the history of music, beginning as far back as the 14th century and extending into the present day with composers such as David..

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