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  Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance of the Bamboo Reed A Biography by Uma Vasudev Shubhi Publications Haryana, India 2005 Here is a volume which should be of interest to..
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New Resonances – Sara Minelli Sara Minelli – flute, alto flute Alessandro Solbiati Ánthos (2016) As if to land (1989) Brian Ferneyhough Cassandra’s Dream S..
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Tom Keenlyside – A Night at the Espresso   Personell: Tom Keenlyside – flute; Brad Turner – trumpet; Miles Black – piano; Miles Foxx     H..
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While not as ubiquitous as flute method books, audition collections tend to look rather suddenly into focus at certain points in the flutist’s career, and there are..
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Our readers will remember the Freedom To Roam project developed in the U.K. by Eliza Marshall, described by Flute Journal in September of 2021, and launched in London in..

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