Peter Westbrook 2014/10/13 (No)
The Flute Clarinet Duos Consortium would like to let you know about the opportunity to be a part of an exciting new commission for flute, clarinet, and piano by American ..
Peter Westbrook (No)
C.P.E. Bach: The Piano Quartets
 Musical Offering: 
Sarah Paysnick · flute; Sarah Darling · violin & viola; Matthew Hall · fortepiano How many players does it ..
Peter Westbrook 2014/10/11 (No)
La Flauta en el Tango: A Fundamental Method for Playing Tango Music
 by Paulina Fain
, Published by Ricordi, 2010, 127 pages plus 2 CDs  A. Review by Peter Westbro..
Peter Westbrook 2014/10/10 (No)
Jazz flautist Holly Hofmann is well known to audiences in the US, including at the National Flute Association where she has appeared regularly, both as a solo artist and ..
Peter Westbrook (No)
This recording has been labelled as jazz, but in this case, as with a growing number of artists, such labels are becoming less and less useful. I came to this recording j..

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