Welcome to Flute Journal – A resource for flute players worldwide
June 17, 2017 (No Comments) by Peter Westbrook
  • Welcome to Flute Journal — A Work in Progress!
  • Flute Journal is an international publication for the worldwide flute community, launched in November 2016. It will be a publication of the highest quality, bringing together flute enthusiasts throughout the world, to learn, to teach, to explore all that the flute and its music has to offer. Our motto: Deepening knowledge; expanding horizons.
  • Flute Journal online is attracting contributions from artists and scholars in Europe, North and South America, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. The contributions began as a trickle but are turning into a flood. We are loading them onto the site as quickly as we can.
  • The articles and reviews cover all genres and topics: European art music (including early, baroque, and contemporary forms) jazz, traditional and contemporary genres from India, S.E. Asia, South America and the Caribbean, and folk music of every kind, for flutes of every shape and size, transverse and end-blown. Topics include flute performance and performers, flute construction, flute music and flute history.
  • Our editorial board provides expertise in all these genres, with performers, professors, historians, ethnomusicologists and librarians from the USA, UK, India, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Canada and Australia.
  • Current technology allows for both targeted and generalized content on the website, while the forthcoming offline version of the journal is to be distributed from both Europe and the USA, both in print and electronic versions.
  • A video instruction archive is in production to form an educational subscription service, while Google Hangout technology will allow multiple workshops to take place, first in real time, then as part of the archive.
  • E-commerce, music publishing and live performance projects are in development, as well as a portal to flute related websites worldwide.
  • Advertisers will be able to reach all sectors of the flute community through all these media.
  • We welcome contributions from musicians, critics, musicologists, journalists . . . writers of all kinds, photographers, artists, etc. Please send materials to the editor at: flutejournal@gmx.co.uk


Editor’s note on photography credits:

Every effort has been made to contact copyright owners of photographs used on this site and to include appropriate credits. If there are any images that should not be displayed on these webpages, let me know immediately and they will be removed immediately. If any need credits, tell me and they will be added. Contact: flutejournal@gmx.co.uk

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