The Universal Virtual Jazz Flute Big Band
July 17, 2021 (No Comments) by Ganved14

The Universal Virtual Jazz Flute Big Band — UVJFBB — plays C Jam Blues by Duke Ellington.

Arranged by Yuko Hoshi. Recorded May 2021

Piccolo&C-Flute: Francesca Bottero/ Italia

C-Flutes: Mariko Ishi(Soloist)/ Japan; Yuko Kurihara(Soloist)/ Japan; Michiko Kadoya/ Japan; Wenting Lin/ Taiwan; Danielle Sopchak/ United States; Rose Khorsandi/ United States; Betty Whyte(Soloist)/ United States; Averie Washington/ United States

Alto Flutes: Naoko Takahashi(Soloist)/ Japan; Tomoe Yoshihara/ Japan; Mahoko Tsukamoto/ Japan; Beth Devlin/ United States; Beth Williams(Soloist)/ United States; Betsy Braud/ United States; Leslie Hisman/ United States; Mary Socall/ United States; Haruna Fukazawa(Soloist)/ United States

Bass Flutes: Judy Diez d’Aux/ Canada; *Mike Chalmers(Soloist)/ United Kingdom; Donna Sevcovic/ United States; Elaine Hochheiser/ United States;

Contrabass: Flute Nancy Newman(Soloist)/ Canada

Piano: Sachihiro Miyamae/ Japan

Bass: Tetsuya Omori/ Japan

Drums: Shigehito Kawamura/ Japan  

The Universal Virtual Jazz Flute Big Band is open for participation to flutists anywhere, no previous experience necessary.

See more information here.

Mike Chalmers

* Many thanks to Mike Chalmers for alerting us to this video, along with his other reporting for Flute Journal. Originally from Bath in west England, Mike’s career as an airline pilot allowed him to meet some great musicians and play salsa in Caracas, funk in Accra, bhangra in Bangladesh, soca in Tobago and highlife in Harare. He first came to the USA courtesy of a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he played with the Penn Jazz Ensemble. Now retired from British Airways, he divides his time between the Philly/New Jersey area and London, where he plays baritone saxophone with the Cuban dance band Orquesta Estelar and bass flute with the Jazz Flute Big Band. 

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