Solo Flute Spectacular at the New York Flute Club
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On Feb 28th The New York Flute Club presented a Solo Flute Spectacular, introduced by the current president Nancy Toff. The NYFC is renowned for the quality of its recital programs and this was no exception. It featured 20th Century repertoire, much of it not as well known as it should be, thus contributing to the expansion of repertoire we try to provide for Flute Journal readers.

Paul Taub

As for the performers, it would be difficult to find a more distinguished group, most of whom have previously appeared on Flute Journal. The recital opens with Paul Taub performing pieces by two American composers, Barbara Benary and Lou Harrison, both of whom were very interested in Asian genres such as the Javanese or Indonesian Gamelan,  Sadly, Paul Taub passed away in March. An obituary and memorial will follow shortly. Meanwhile, Taub‘s performance of Harrison‘s Air in G Minor here is rather special for your editor as, many years ago, the composer sent me a hand written copy of this piece, and it has been a treasured part of my own performance repertoire since then.

Following Paul Taub, the recital features music from South America performed by a flutist who has long specialised in this area. Stephanie Jutt plays compositions by Argentina‘s Alberto Ginastera and Raimundo Pineda from Venezuela.

Next, Lisa Bost-Sandberg demonstrates her expertise with contemporary music. She performs Luciano Berio’s Sequenza 1followed by  her own composition When it Rains / The River Stands Still.

Alexa Still

The final two pieces feature artists well known to Flute Journal readers. Alexa Still is a member of our editorial board. She is heard here playing selections from Les Chants de Nectaires by Charles Koechlin, recently featured by Nicola Woodward, and the Henri Tomasi Sonatine.

Finally, we hear Bonita Boyd, whose recording Aquarelles we recently reviewed and whom we will be interviewing shortly, performing the Sonata, Op. 24 by John La Montaine

The concert follows, Introduced by Nancy Toff:

The Full Program:

A. Paul Taub, flute, Joseph Adam, portative organ (drone):

* Barang I (1974)                                             Barbara Benary (1946-2019)

* Air in G Minor (1947)                                   Lou Harrison (1917–2003)  

B. Stephanie Jutt, flute:

* El Canto de Guirahú from Ballet de Panumbrí (1937)      Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983)

* El Bachiano (2017)                                                                    Raimundo Pineda (b. 1967)

C. Lisa Bost-Sandberg, flute and alto flute:

Sequenza 1 (1958)                                                        Luciano Berio (1925-2003)

When it Rains / The River Stands Still (2006)     Lisa Bost-Sandberg (b. 1982)

D. Alexa Still, flute:

Selections from Les Chants de Nectaires (1944)   Charles Koechlin (1867-1950)    

Sonatine (1948)                                                            Henri Tomasi (1901-1971) 

E. Bonita Boyd, flute:

Sonata, Op. 24 (1957)                                                  John La Montaine (1920-2013)


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