Natalia Jarząbek — Striking a Blow for Circular Breathing and Polish Music
May 31, 2021 (No Comments) by Ganved14


Natalia Jarząbek

Flutist Natalia Jarząbek emerges with two new projects — both outstanding but one truly remarkable — to strike a blow for Polish music in general and the Krakow School of Music in particular.

Her new recording, Infinity, is linked with a method book plus downloadable videos to provide flutists training in circular breathing. She demonstrates that this is no gimmick but a means to open up a greater range of repertoire for the flute.

Our review of this groundbreaking project can be seen here.


In addition, one of Jarząbek’s performance groups, the Cracow* Golden Quintet is issuing its first recording which features the work of Polish composers. It seems we have not been paying attention to a lively and sophisticated music tradition!

See the review here.

  • * Alternative spelling.

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