Ed Joffe: CD — “Contrasts” & Book — “Woodwind Doubling”
April 30, 2019 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Ed Joffe — Dr. Edward Joffe — is a master of woodwind doubling whom we hope to feature with Flute Journal going forward. As a first step of appreciation we offer a review of his 2016 recording Contrasts. Here he totally “puts his money where his mouth is” with a series of beautifully executed recordings playing saxophones, clarinets and flutes, in a variety of genres from jazz to classical to tango to Bossa Nova,  in groups large and small comprising some of the finest session musicians in New York.

Ed Joffe


Review here

Dr. Joffe has also undertaken a massive series of educational initiatives, ranging from extensive interviews that can be viewed at his website, as well as a magisterial book on Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone Clarinet and Flute, which is reviewed by US/UK woodwind artist Frank Griffith.

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