News Flash! Your Editor Has Recovered from Covid . . .
June 20, 2022 (No Comments) by Ganved14

As you may have seen here, your editor Peter Westbrook, tested positive for Covid two weeks ago. The symptoms were mild – fatigue mainly –  but now I have tested negative. I am over it, but had to take a few days off so we are still a bit behind.

However, we are back, and our list of new projects is getting longer! Watch this space and announcements will follow over the next few weeks!

Meanwhile, with much material available, please be aware of our appeal for help with funding:

For over seven years, International Flute Journal has been freely available, bringing quality content which has been viewed over 2,000,000 times. During this time we have built a reputation for value, quality and dependability in our content which has been brought to you by highly qualified performers, composers, historians and theorists, across genres from all parts of the world.

During this time we have received no income whatsoever from the site.

We are now embarking upon a new phase of development which will bring more content of even higher quality. Much of our content will continue to be available free of charge but we will soon offer some courses — webinars and masterclasses —for which the course leaders/instructors, as well as those providing technical support, will need to receive remuneration. Overall, we have reached the point where we cannot continue without generating some revenue. 

If our readers make modest contributions this will  help us to keep growing and developing and presenting highly valuable, uplifting material to flutists — and flautists — all around the world, while offering a forum through which readers can indicate topics of interest. We are therefore presenting a simple, straightforward system through which donations of any amount can be offered. We will also, from time to time,  offer various products — books, scores, recordings — as rewards for your donations.

The Paypal link is now ready. Check the Donate button to the left!


. . . now watch this space for some major announcements!

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