Endorsement from Joffe Woodwinds
May 31, 2022 (No Comments) by Ganved14


Dr. Edward Joffe

International Flute Journal readers will remember the review we published  of Ed Joffe’s excellent book on woodwind doubling as well his equally excellent recording Contrasts.

Now Dr. Joffe has been kind enough to print a review of our publication on his website Joffe Woodwinds

See the Endorsement from Joffe Woodwinds here

With many thanks to Dr. Joffe we continue to follow his activities and will bring you further details as they occur. Meanwhile, his website contains some excellent videos which will be of great interest to our readers, including flutists Paul Edmund-Davies, Elizabeth Rowe, Jeffrey Kahner, Paul Lustig Dunkel, Lew Tabackin and Keith Underwood, as well as a series of top professional doublers, conductors and woodwind repair men.

Best wishes to them all from Flute Journal!



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