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Anette Maiburg – Metamorphosen

By Ganved14 December 6, 2021 (No)
Maiburg Ensemble — Metamorphosen When we started International Flute J..

CD Review — Anette Maiburg: Classica Brasiliana

By Peter Westbrook November 28, 2021 (No)
Anette Maiburg: CLASSICA BRASILIANA – Pixinguinha, Nazareth, Milha..

J.A. Jayant – South Meets North

By Ganved14 November 15, 2021 (No)
For those interested in the flute in Indian music, here is an album that..

The Music of Nestor Torres

By Ganved14 November 1, 2021 (No)
Our much overdue update on the music of Nestor Torres consists of two re..

Peter Guidi — In His Own write

By Ganved14 October 18, 2021 (No)
Flute Journal readers will be familiar with flutist/saxophonist Peter Gu..

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