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Book Review: Paulina Fain — La Flauta En El Tango

By Ganved14 June 8, 2021 (No)
Paulina Fain — La Flauta En El Tango [Editor’s note: Paulina..

Lars Hannibal with Michala Petri — Blue

By Ganved14 June 7, 2021 (No)
Find the next number in this sequence 3,6,18,72 . . . or 3, 7, 15, 31, 6..

Cracow Golden Quintet — Polish Wind Quintets

By Ganved14 May 30, 2021 (No)
Having acknowledged the unique nature of Natalia Jarząbek’s Infinity..

Natalia Jarząbek – Infinity

By Ganved14 May 29, 2021 (No)
Here is first-rate playing from Poland. It comes from instructors and as..

Bonita Boyd — Aquarelles

By Ganved14 May 17, 2021 (No)
In a career spanning fifty years, Bonita Boyd has established a reputati..

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