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CD Review — Stefano Parrino/Friedrich Kuhlau: Rondeau D’Une Folie

By Peter Westbrook July 8, 2016 (No)
Friedrich Kuhlau – Rondeau D’Une Folie, Stefano Parrino – ..

Book Review — World Flutelore by Dale A. Olsen

By Peter Westbrook July 6, 2016 (No)
Until recently, Western folklorists, anthropologists and musicologists h..

CD Review – Peter Sheridan: Sonorous Sonatas

By Peter Westbrook July 4, 2016 (No)
Peter Sheridan: Sonorous Sonatas Australian low flutes specialist Peter ..

CD Review – Nicole Molumby: Awakening

By Peter Westbrook July 3, 2016 (No)
AWAKENING: 21st Century Slovenian Flute Music by Peter Kopac, Blaz Pucih..

CD Review — Colette Michaan: Incarnate/Encarna

By Peter Westbrook July 2, 2016 (No)
Colette Michaan – Incarnate/Encarna Colette Michaan is one of a gr..

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