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Book Review by Michael Lynn — Douglas Koeppe: Woodwinds in Early America

By Peter Westbrook April 3, 2017 (No)
I recently purchased the new book Woodwinds in Early America by Douglas ..

Is The Recorder a Flute?

By Ganved14 March 24, 2017 (No)
Since our inception, we have been intending to add material about the re..

Andy Findon – Up Close

By Ganved14 January 29, 2017 (No)

Nga Uri O Hine Raukatauri — The Children of Hine Raukatauri: The Goddess of Flutes

By Peter Westbrook November 7, 2014 (No)
This article is an overview of the family of flutes present in the canon..

The Wondrous Bansuri of North Indian Music

By Peter Westbrook November 4, 2014 (No)
The Wondrous Bansuri of North Indian Music by John Wubbenhorst It is suc..

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