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Gina Luciani Turns a Flute into a Piccolo

By Ganved14 October 4, 2018 (No)
Gina Luciani can turn a flute into a piccolo!!!

Syrinx and the History of the French Flute

By Ganved14 September 3, 2018 (No)
Philharmonia Orchestra Principal Flutist Sam Coles brings the history of..

Powell Flutes to Join Buffet Crampon

By Ganved14 April 26, 2017 (No)
The Verne Q. Powell company have issued the following statement:   ..

Book Review by Michael Lynn — Douglas Koeppe: Woodwinds in Early America

By Peter Westbrook April 3, 2017 (No)
I recently purchased the new book Woodwinds in Early America by Douglas ..

Is The Recorder a Flute?

By Ganved14 March 24, 2017 (No)
Since our inception, we have been intending to add material about the re..

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