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Inside The Musician. Riley Lee: My instrument – Shakuhachi

By Ganved14 July 20, 2020 (No)
[Editor’s note: Riley Lee was one of our earliest contributors, hi..

Jayanth Plays Carnatic Flute

By Ganved14 July 9, 2020 (No)
International Flute Journal is embarking on a series about the Carnatic ..

A Rare Collaboration — The Gary Schocker Headjoint

By Peter Westbrook October 17, 2018 (No)
By Jenny Cline This is the story of a decade-long conversation, and the ..

The Flute D’amore by Kate Walsh

By Ganved14 October 16, 2018 (No)
The Flute D’amore by Kate Walsh Why write an article about a little kn..

Gina Luciani Turns a Flute into a Piccolo

By Ganved14 October 4, 2018 (No)
Gina Luciani can turn a flute into a piccolo!!!

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