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Hariprasad Chaurasia – A Biography

By Ganved14 March 16, 2022 (No)
  Hariprasad Chaurasia: Romance of the Bamboo Reed A Biography by U..

Sara Minelli — Imagination and Understanding

By Ganved14 March 14, 2022 (No)
New Resonances – Sara Minelli Sara Minelli – flute, alto flu..

Tom Keenlyside – A Night at the Espresso

By Ganved14 February 28, 2022 (No)
Tom Keenlyside – A Night at the Espresso   Personell: Tom Ke..

Piccolo and Alto Flute Audition Book

By Ganved14 February 21, 2022 (No)
While not as ubiquitous as flute method books, audition collections tend..

Eliza Marshall – Freedom to Roam

By Ganved14 February 21, 2022 (No)
Our readers will remember the Freedom To Roam project developed in the U..

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