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Günter Wehinger – Debussy

By Ganved14 June 10, 2022 (No)
Günter Wehinger — Debussy “Music is the silence between the..

Alan Hovhaness — Angelic Cycles

By Ganved14 June 6, 2022 (No)
Angelic Cycles – An Interview with Alan Hovhaness [Editor’s..

Endorsement from Joffe Woodwinds

By Ganved14 May 31, 2022 (No)
  International Flute Journal readers will remember the review we p..

Brian Landrus — Red List

By Ganved14 May 24, 2022 (No)
Some months ago, in our feature on the growing body of music dedicated t..

Trevor Wye — Practice Book for the Flute

By Ganved14 May 17, 2022 (No)
Method books are important to anyone working to master an instrument, wh..

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