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Natalia Jarząbek – Infinity

By Ganved14 May 29, 2021 (No)
Here is first-rate playing from Poland. It comes from instructors and as..

Bonita Boyd — Aquarelles

By Ganved14 May 17, 2021 (No)
In a career spanning fifty years, Bonita Boyd has established a reputati..

Vedic Science and the Revival of Musica Mundana

By Ganved14 December 8, 2020 (No)
Throughout the world, and throughout history, music and language have be..

Handel on Jazz Trio

By Ganved14 December 4, 2020 (No)
Tom Ridout is a young Jazz Saxophonist, recorder player and composer bas..

Introducing the Cavatina Duo: Eugenia Moliner and Denis Azabagic

By Ganved14 November 20, 2020 (No)
The Cavatina Duo  We have been following the Cavatina Duo since our rev..

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