Amanda Harberg’s Prayer for Virtual Flute Orchestra
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Amanda Harberg

At the beginning of April, we announced the launching of a new project, a performance of a new work for virtual flute ensemble by American composer Amanda Herberg, with the support of the USA’s National Flute Association (NFA). “The project is so much about collaboration, and the NFA embodies collaboration,” Harberg says. Now, with the participation of close to 100 people (including your editor on 3rd alto flute!) the work has been released.

For background on the project we can turn to Interlochen Public Radio.

And here is the final piece:

The following interview is from the NFA announcement: 

Amanda with Micah Fink

What is your connection to the flutist community?
The flute world is very special to me. I’m not a flutist, but that energized community has really welcomed me over the years. I’ve gone to the past five out of the past six NFA conventions and performed at them with flutist friends. It’s been a wonderful source of creativity and friendship.

Why flute for this particular piece?
If I weren’t a pianist, I’d be a flutist! There is a remarkable singing and spiritual quality to the flute that speaks deeply to me. Also, some of my favorite people are flutists, so I feel very personally connected to the instrument.

What other instruments were used in this performance?
Harp, timpani, triangle, and suspended cymbal. The percussion and the harp give a nice contrasting color and percussive element that keeps everything balanced. The flutes offer the singing, expressive quality.

What was it like to receive video performances from around the world?
Each video was really special. It represented an artist somewhere who was spending time to do this and giving the project such wonderful artistic energy.

Did anything surprise you in the process of working on this?
It turned out to be much more work than I thought it would be. At times it’s been a full-time job. It was overwhelming at times, and then I’d get a really nice email from one of the participants saying what the project meant to the person, and then I’d have more energy to keep going.

The earlier version of Prayer for flute and piano played by Robert Langevin with the composer at the piano:

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