Nicola Woodward Plays Charles Koechlin – Part 2
January 13, 2021 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Nicola Woodward

Flute Recital – Chants de Nectaire – Book II – In the Antique Forest

Following our review of Nicola Woodward’s unique performance of the Chants de Nectaire, we are announcing:

  1. The release of Book 2
  2. A live performance of Book 2


Nicky Writes:

I would love you to ‘come’ to my online recital next Thurs in which I will be playing Charles Koechlin’s ‘Chants de Nectaire’ Book II entitled ‘Dans la Foret Antique’. This wonderful but rather neglected music for unaccompanied flute describes the Antique Forest; trees, mountains and seas and all the magical and mythological creatures that live there. Let me take you on an imaginary journey far from January and Covid blues!

Tickets here!


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