Mark Alban Lotz — The Wroclaw Sessions
May 8, 2019 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Mark Alban Lotz comes from two traditions of innovation, Dutch jazz and jazz flutists in general.. Largely free of traditional ‘schools’ of performance, flutists have consistently broken down barriers between genres — jazz, classical, world music. Raised in Thailand, Uganda and Germany, trained in Holland and subsequently interacting with musicians in many countries, Lotz has forged a style and a temperament that creates coherence out of diversity.

Following a series of albums that runs the gamut of music traditions from Turkey to Cuba, Lotz’ 19th recording finds him returning to his first love — jazz. In Poland in March 2018, giving master classes and concerts, he was invited by bassist Grzegorz Piasecki to an impromptu recording session in the small town of Wroclaw with drummer Wojciech Buliński.

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