Marc Adler — All in a Day
September 7, 2020 (No Comments) by Ganved14

It is something of an event when Philadelphia flutist releases a new recording. His new session has been done in collaboration with drummer Vic Stevens. It is called All in a Day.

Some years ago, when reviewing a recording by jazz flutist Mark Weinstein, I referred to him as an amateur musician. Shortly thereafter I received an angry message from his record producer, stating that Mark was “no amateur.” I pointed out to him that Mark was a professor of Philosophy at a college in New Jersey and played music in his spare time. I also pointed out that while amateur has come to mean someone who is less than competent in his field, its original meaning was someone who did something out of love, rather than for money.

Marc Adler

With Mark Weinstein essentially retired, it is refreshing to find another Marc, Marc Adler, who has also produced some remarkable work as a jazz flutist while holding down a professional position. He, again, is an amateur in that the plays and writes music because he loves it. In the process, he has produced a unique body of work, and a level of performance that warrants his inclusion in the Downbeat Magazine and other polls.

With jazz politics the way it is, this is not likely to happen. But here at Flute Journal we seek out quality wherever it is found, fashionable or not. Marc Adler‘s catalog is not large, so it is significant when he releases a new recording. It is very much worth noting when he releases two new recordings within a few months.

Marc’s new recording, All in a Day, with drummer Vic Stevens, is reviewed here.

His earlier release, Silver Whispers, with vocalist Paul Jost, along with an overview of his previous CDs can be seen here.




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