Joaquin Oliveros — An Interview with Maddy Shaw
June 5, 2019 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Joaquin (left), Ana Sanchez-Cano (center), Maddy Shaw (right)

The response to articles about Cuban Charanga at Flute Journal, including Cuban Flute Style, Danilo Lozano’s La Típica Antillana,  The 5-key and Modern Flutes in Charanga, World Flutists Explore Cuban Music, and others, has indicated the depth of interest in this popular Cuban form. We intend to feature more quality material on this, and other Latin music forms.

We are fortunate, therefore, that Maddy Shaw recently  visited Havana where she met and played with iconic Charanga flutist Joaquin Oliveros.

With flutist Ana Sanchez-Cano acting as interpreter Maddy conducted an interview with Joaquin which you can see here.


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