Jazz Flutists in Dialogue with Vocalists
June 29, 2020 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Through a curious coincidence, at a time when your editor has been working with a trio that includes a guitarist and a vocalist, two major jazz flutists have issued recordings with similar personnel.

Neither of them are as well known as they should be, but as we have noted elsewhere, in the jazz world, there are many factors, outside of the quality of their performance, that determine whether  performers receive critical attention.

Lori Bell

Marc Adler

Both Lori Bell and Marc Adler have consistently performed at the highest level and produced recordings of great quality. Bell, from San Diego, has issued two recordings with guitarist/vocalist Ron Satterfield while Marc Adler, from Philadelphia, has issued a CD in duet with vocalist Paul Jost.

Go to our review of blue(s) and Close Your Eyes by Lori Bell.

Marc Adler’s Silver Whispers can be seen here




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