Jazz Flute Ensembles Emerging in New Forms World-Wide
June 26, 2018 (No Comments) by Ganved14
Andy Panayi

Andy Panayi

While recent articles have documented the rise of Jazz Flute Big Bands world wide, specifically in the UK and Canada, another important development has been the emergence of smaller jazz flute ensembles, most often four flutes and rhythm section. We noted this first with Jessica Valiente‘s review of Flutes and the Abstract Truth in New York.

Four Colors

Four Colors

Now this development is gaining momentum. Our own UK ensemble, Flute Flight gave a performance in the UK led by distinguished UK woodwind performer Andy Panayi, while Flute Journal has become aware of another top-quality ensemble Four Colors, functioning in Tokyo.



While it was recorded 10 years ago, Four Colors’ CD is still available and definitely worth hearing. We review it here.


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