Ganved14 2018/07/04 (No)
From 1978, flute legend Jean-Pierre Rampal is seen giving a masterclass and a rare interview.   
Ganved14 (No)
On the verge of opening our subscription series at Flute Journal, we present some existing masterclass that are of special interest. World-renowned flutist Emmanuel Pahud..
Ganved14 2018/07/03 (No)
For flute students in the U.K., this year’s ABRSM (Exam Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Grade 5 curriculum includes Au Crépuscule by Gérard Meunier. among i..
Ganved14 2018/07/02 (No)
As we have pointed out, we are celebrating the 80th birthday of one of the most accomplished flutists in the world, the doyen of North Indian, or Hindustani, classical m..
Ganved14 2018/06/26 (No)
As reported at Flute Journal, there is a growing interest in Jazz Flute Ensembles of various sizes, with Jazz Flute Big Bands in the UK and Canada, as well as in Japan, a..

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