Ganved14 2019/06/16 (No)
Alvorada’s First Light album launch, Pizza Express Holborn, London, 2 May 2019 Alvorada are a London-based band playing choro music of all styles – from the ear..
Ganved14 2019/06/06 (No)
They say timing is everything! So it was that when I called Althea Rene recently to renew our acquaintance from some months earlier, I found that she is getting ready to ..
Ganved14 2019/06/05 (No)
I first meet the great Cuban flute player Joaquin Oliveros in Abdala Studios, Havana.  This hub of Cuban creativity is an unassuming cream coloured building set back fro..
Ganved14 2019/05/19 (No)
It is with great sadness that we must report the death of Robert Stallman, 73, a multi-faceted artist with interests in a wide-range of repertoire including being a sough..
Ganved14 2019/05/10 (No)
Günter Wehinger — Debussy “Music is the silence between the notes”    Claude Debussy For some time, at International Flute Journal, as part of our go..

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