Ganved14 2022/06/10 (No)
Günter Wehinger — Debussy “Music is the silence between the notes”    Claude Debussy For some time, at International Flute Journal, as part of our go..
Ganved14 2022/06/06 (No)
Angelic Cycles – An Interview with Alan Hovhaness [Editor’s note: The following is my interview with Armenian/American composer Alan Hovhaness which I was pu..
Ganved14 2022/05/31 (No)
  International Flute Journal readers will remember the review we published  of Ed Joffe’s excellent book on woodwind doubling as well his equally excellent..
Ganved14 2022/05/24 (No)
Some months ago, in our feature on the growing body of music dedicated to an awareness of our environment, we included Red List by New York flutist/saxophonist Brian L..
Ganved14 2022/05/17 (No)
Method books are important to anyone working to master an instrument, whether they are beginners or professionals. There are many such books for the flute and we have fea..

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