Ganved14 2019/05/08 (No)
After years of listening to and writing about jazz flutists I feel qualified to describe Mark Alban Lotz as a unique voice on his instrument. This is not, perhaps, surpri..
Ganved14 2019/05/04 (No)
It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome a new recording from Tom Keenlyside. This album immediately summons up two themes we have been emphasising at Flute Journal fo..
Ganved14 2019/04/30 (No)
Ed Joffe — Contrasts This is a recording that may have escaped the notice of many musicians, especially flutists. Ed Joffe may not be a household name; he is more w..
Ganved14 2019/04/29 (No)
This review should open with a disclaimer. Alexa Still is a member of the Flute Journal Editorial Board. As such, we might appear to be prejudiced towards her. However, ..
Ganved14 2019/04/23 (No)
Eric Dolphy: Musical Prophet — — : The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions. Resonance HLP-9035 LPs/Resonance HCD-2035 Three CDs or LPs It is impossible t..

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