Ganved14 2019/03/18 (No)
SMITHSONIAN JAZZ MASTERWORKS ORCHESTRA WITH HUBERT LAWS, Milton Court Music Centre, April 6th   The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra was formed in 1990 to act..
Peter Westbrook (No)
As far as flute players go, Hubert Laws does it all. A virtuoso in the classical world, in the jazz idiom he glides through challenging repertoire effortlessly. I had the..
Ganved14 2019/02/25 (No)
As part of our new phase, step one is to form a Facebook Discussion Group – Flute Journal World Flute. This will allow us to be interactive with our many readers. A..
Ganved14 2019/02/22 (No)
  Flute Journal has reached a major milestone:   500,000 — Yes, half a million! — page views.  The actual number as of 2/20/19 is:  625,450 What doe..
Ganved14 2019/02/09 (No)
Andrea Brachfeld If Not Now, When? Jazzheads A few years ago I went to a theater in New York at the invitation of flutist Dave Valentin to see him receive an award for hi..

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