Peter Westbrook 2016/07/25 (No)
Mattan Klein – Sound Tracks With CDs from Italy, Poland, a Londoner from Guyana and a Hungarian New Yorker in my review in-box, (and one of Flute Journal’s review..
Peter Westbrook 2016/07/15 (No)
As the author of The Flute in Jazz it was my privilege to meet and interview many of the early pioneers of jazz flute performance. Since then, sadly, I have had to watch ..
Peter Westbrook 2016/07/08 (No)
Nina Assimakopoulos,  Vāyu: Multi-Cultural Flute Solos From the Twenty-First Century AMP Records, 2015 Currently flute professor at West Virginia University, Nina Assim..
Peter Westbrook (No)
Bill McBirnie/Bruce Jones — Grain of Sand Bill McBirnie – flute, alto flute (tracks 3 & 14) & piccolo (track 9) Bruce Jones – guitar, vocal, percussion &amp..
Peter Westbrook (No)
Friedrich Kuhlau – Rondeau D’Une Folie, Stefano Parrino – Flute. Known in his day as the “Beethoven of the flute”, both for his friendship with the grea..

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