Peter Westbrook 2016/10/26 (No)
Through his studies of the brain “on jazz,” music-loving otolaryngologist Charles Limb aims to unravel the mind’s secrets of creativity. By Nick Zagorsk..
Peter Westbrook 2016/10/14 (No)
International Flute Journal presented its first mini flute convention on October 15th when it presented a day of master classes in co-operation with The Vibe/All Flutes P..
Peter Westbrook 2016/10/11 (No)
[Editor’s Note: There is a handful of artists who can be called World Flute performers, musicians who have incorporated flutes of various kinds, and their music, into t..
Peter Westbrook 2016/09/22 (No)
[Editor’s note: Sarpay Ozcagatay’s debut album was issued in 2013. Our review policy is to focus on recent issues or performances but also to catch up on sign..
Peter Westbrook 2016/09/16 (No)
Where better to play, sing and enjoy early music than in the beautiful cathedral city of Durham UK?  The hillside overlooking the river Wear and the stunning cathedral r..

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