Ganved14 2022/07/27 (No)
July 27th, 2022. It is with great sadness that the world flute community, especially in Britain, has marked the passing of one of their brightest and most loved stars, Wi..
Ganved14 2022/06/13 (No)
The Symphonic Debutante Piccolo:  Was it really Beethoven’s Fifth? by Nancy Nourse Literature declaring the piccolo’s grand entrance into the symphony is widespread...
Ganved14 2022/06/10 (No)
Günter Wehinger — Debussy “Music is the silence between the notes”    Claude Debussy For some time, at International Flute Journal, as part of our go..
Ganved14 2022/06/06 (No)
Angelic Cycles – An Interview with Alan Hovhaness [Editor’s note: The following is my interview with Armenian/American composer Alan Hovhaness which I was pu..
Ganved14 2022/05/31 (No)
  International Flute Journal readers will remember the review we published  of Ed Joffe’s excellent book on woodwind doubling as well his equally excellent..

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