Peter Westbrook 2016/07/06 (No)
Guide to the Intricacies of a Music Audition, by Jessica Chen Music majors are infamous for the “starving musician” stereotype. The competition for any kind of flute ..
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[Editor’s note: This article was written by Michele Gori, one of Italy’s most prominent jazz flutists and the only one to hold an academic position as a profe..
Peter Westbrook 2016/07/04 (No)
Walter “Foots” Thomas was born on February 10, 1907 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the brother of saxophonist and flutist Joe Thomas. Like many other musicians, he began his ..
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Peter Sheridan: Sonorous Sonatas Australian low flutes specialist Peter Sheridan’s album Sonorous Sonatas (Move Records, 2014) centres on the sounds and form of that mo..

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