Katia Tiutiunik Composition for Flute Choir
March 20, 2020 (No Comments) by Ganved14

Katia Tiutiunik

Flute Journal is starting a new series featuring flute ensembles and their music. To begin with, we would like to feature a very interesting composer, Katia Tiutiunik. Very much in keeping with our international focus, violist, composer and scholar. Tiutiunik is of Russian, Ukranian and Irish descent but was born and grew up in Australia. More recently, she has resided in China and Malaysia.

This is her composition Daripada Kedalaman performed by the group Flutopia from the Netherlands, March 2019, conducted by Rogier de Pijper.

Although a string player herself, Katia has featured the flute in many of her compositions. (See her piece for solo bass flute on our video media page.) Watch for an interview coming soon where she discusses her work. We also hope to make sheet music available for some of her pieces.


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