J. A. Jayanth at Harmonia Global Music Festival
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International Flute Journal is now embarking on a new phase of development. In co-operation with our parent company, Harmonia Communications, Ltd. of London, with Music & Media Consulting Ltd. of London and with Viewcy.com of New York, we are declaring, among several new initiatives, the Harmonia Global Festival of Music.

Initial enquiries among flutists of multiple genres has received an overwhelmingly positive response. We are therefore compiling a concert program that will extend through 2021 and well into 2022.

Details will appear here as they unfold. 

Please note: The initial concert, scheduled for the 15th of October has been postponed due to ill health of the organiser.

The concert will now be featured in December, but will still feature one of the leading lights of South Indian — Carnatic — classical music on the bansuri or bamboo flute:

J.A. Jayanth

J. A. (flute) Jayanth


Renowned for his mastery of this ancient tradition, Sri Jayanth,  already featured at Flute Journal, will present a set of classical ragas, accompanied by Ramakrishnan on violin and Sai Giridhar on mridangam drum.

Beginning his career at the age of seven, Jayanth has built a career that belies his still tender years, a career that has already spawned numerous awards and associations with the finest musicians in India, both North and South.

This concert will be a revelation to all lovers of the flute and its music. It will be followed, in November, with a recital by an equally distinguished flutist of North Indian — Hindustani — classical music, Deepak Ram, accompanied by tabla maestro Enayet Hossain. Tickets available from October 15th.

Details, Tickets for Jayanth


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