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Jean-Louis Beaumadier: Mitteleuropa

By Peter Westbrook November 18, 2014 (No)
Jean-Louis Beaumadier Presents Music for Piccolo by Central European Com..

Theobald Böhm – Romantic Composer. Part 2: The Arrangements, by Carla Rees.

By Peter Westbrook November 14, 2014 (No)
Theobald Böhm (1794-1881) – Romantic Composer. Part 2: The Arrangemen..

A Flute in My Refrigerator

By Peter Westbrook November 11, 2014 (No)
A Flute in My Refrigerator: Celebrating a Life in Music by Helen Spielma..

Theobald Boehm – Romantic Composer. Part 1: The Original Works.

By Peter Westbrook November 6, 2014 (No)
Theobald Boehm (1794-1881) is undoubtedly one of the most famous names i..

Musical Offering: C.P.E Bach, The Piano Quartets — Review by Tom Moore

By Peter Westbrook October 17, 2014 (No)
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach – The Piano Quartets Musical Offering (S..

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