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Günter Wehinger – Debussy

By Ganved14 June 10, 2022 (No)
Günter Wehinger — Debussy “Music is the silence between the..

Trevor Wye — Practice Book for the Flute

By Ganved14 May 17, 2022 (No)
Method books are important to anyone working to master an instrument, wh..

The New Guide to Harmony with LEGO bricks

By Ganved14 May 2, 2022 (No)
Review: The New Guide to Harmony with LEGO bricks: the best way to remem..

Riley Lee plays Hildegard von Bingen

By Ganved14 April 4, 2022 (No)
Many of our Flute Journal readers will be familiar with Riley Lee; his ..

Edward Cowie — Where Song Was Born

By Ganved14 March 28, 2022 (No)
Bird Song has played a significant role in the history of music, beginni..

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