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Tips on Doubling – Extended Flute Techniques, by Chris Vadala

By Peter Westbrook November 6, 2014 (No)
Editor’s note: Woodwind artist Chris Vadala is currently Director..

The Flute Clarinet Duos Consortium — New Commissions

By Peter Westbrook October 13, 2014 (No)
The Flute Clarinet Duos Consortium would like to let you know about the ..

Paulina Fain, ‘La Flauta En El Tango.’ Two Reviews

By Peter Westbrook October 11, 2014 (No)
La Flauta en el Tango: A Fundamental Method for Playing Tango Music

Sam Most, “Father of Jazz Flute,” Honored in Movie

By Peter Westbrook October 10, 2014 (No)
Sam Most, December 16, 1930 – June 13, 2013 As the author of The Flute..

Hubert Laws – The Complete Flutist. An Interview by Tom Keenlyside

By Peter Westbrook October 7, 2014 (No)
As far as flute players go, Hubert Laws does it all. A virtuoso in the c..

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