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We Bring Flowers: Amanda Harberg Consortium Commission

By Ganved14 April 16, 2017 (No)
We at Flute Journal are very pleased to support a unique project, in the..

Benefits of the Feldenkrais® Method for Flautists

By Ganved14 February 19, 2017 (No)
[Editor’s Note: The following article has been adapted by the auth..

Andy Findon – Up Close

By Ganved14 January 29, 2017 (No)

Unique Flute Master Class Completes Second Year; Looks Forward to Third

By Ganved14 December 5, 2016 (No)
Every summer finds a crowded schedule of flute conventions, master class..

Tips on Doubling by Chris Vadala

By Peter Westbrook November 14, 2016 (No)
Editor’s note: Woodwind artist Chris Vadala is currently Director ..

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