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Gary Schocker — Chiaroscuro

By Ganved14 October 10, 2018 (No)
  Gary Schocker is very well known in the flute community, highly r..

World Shakuhachi Festival, London 2018

By Ganved14 October 5, 2018 (No)
It is two weeks since the end of the World Shakuhachi Festival (WSF2018)..

Gary Schocker Masterclass Concert

By Ganved14 September 3, 2018 (No)
On July 16, 2017 flutist/composer Gary Schocker and his students gathere..

Extraordinary! Steve Kujala and Chick Corea

By Ganved14 August 29, 2018 (No)
Is this jazz or contemporary music? That’s the whole point —..

Questions and a few Answers in Performing Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I

By Peter Westbrook August 28, 2018 (No)
Questions and a few Answers in performing Luciano Berio’s Sequenza I D..

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