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Tips on Doubling by Chris Vadala

By Peter Westbrook November 14, 2016 (No)
Editor’s note: Woodwind artist Chris Vadala is currently Director ..

Your Brain on Improv

By Peter Westbrook October 26, 2016 (No)
Through his studies of the brain “on jazz,” music-loving oto..

A Video Exposition on World Flutes by Tereasa Payne

By Peter Westbrook October 11, 2016 (No)
[Editor’s Note: There is a handful of artists who can be called World ..

My Success Story with Focal Dystonia by Andrea Brachfeld

By Peter Westbrook August 26, 2016 (No)
[Editor’s note: Focal dystonia is a condition that is of interest ..

Remembering More Jazz Flute Masters

By Peter Westbrook July 15, 2016 (No)
As the author of The Flute in Jazz it was my privilege to meet and inter..

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