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Amanda Harberg’s Prayer Project for Virtual Flute Orchestra

By Ganved14 April 2, 2020 (No)
Dear Friends, I hope this finds you all safe and healthy. I wanted to in..

Katia Tiutiunik Composition for Flute Choir

By Ganved14 March 20, 2020 (No)
Flute Journal is starting a new series featuring flute ensembles and the..

Joaquin Oliveros – An Interview by Maddy Shaw

By Ganved14 June 5, 2019 (No)
I first meet the great Cuban flute player Joaquin Oliveros in Abdala Stu..

Hubert Laws – The Complete Flutist. An Interview by Tom Keenlyside

By Peter Westbrook March 18, 2019 (No)
[Editor’s note: One of our earliest features, this interview has b..

Yusef Lateef — The Documentary

By Ganved14 January 19, 2019 (No)
Yusef Lateef (1920 Р2013) was one of the pioneers of the flute i..

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