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David Valentin 1952-2017

By Ganved14 March 9, 2017 (No)
The world of Latin music is saddened today by news of the passing of flu..

Unique Flute Master Class Completes Second Year; Looks Forward to Third

By Ganved14 December 5, 2016 (No)
Every summer finds a crowded schedule of flute conventions, master class..

Jazz Flute Big Band International Appears at London Jazz Festival

By Peter Westbrook November 10, 2016 (No)
The Jazz Flute Big Band – UK (or JFBB-UK) appeared Nov 20th at the..

Flute Journal Holds Mini Convention in London

By Peter Westbrook October 14, 2016 (No)
International Flute Journal presented its first mini flute convention on..

21st Century Connections by Lindsay Bryden

By Peter Westbrook July 6, 2016 (No)
21st Century Connections by Lindsay Bryden October, 2015 The 21st centur..

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