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Masahi Umeki at Jeremy’s Cafė: A Report from Yokohama

By Ganved14 December 16, 2017 (No)
We previously reported on the opening of Jeremy’s Cafė, dedicated..

Jazz Flute Big Bands Sprouting World-Wide

By Ganved14 November 20, 2017 (No)
Spring may not be busting out all over but as the holiday season approac..

Flute Journal Editor Performs at Glastonbury Festival

By Ganved14 October 15, 2017 (No)
I recently had the pleasure of visiting a friend I had not seen for abou..

New Suite for Flute and Jazz Trio To Premier at NFA – Copies Available

By Peter Westbrook August 8, 2017 (No)
Flute Journal editorial board member Robert Bigio recently reviewed a CD..

Noémi Győri and Katalin Csillagh: Glowing Sonorities – A Review

By Ganved14 July 9, 2017 (No)
Noémi Győri and Katalin Csillagh Glowing Sonorities: Sonatas by Schube..

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