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Peter Guidi, Jazz Flutist and Educator, 1949–2018

By Ganved14 July 17, 2018 (No)
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of a great contributor t..

A Classic Recording — Four Colors Tokyo Jazz Flute Ensemble

By Ganved14 June 26, 2018 (No)
As reported at Flute Journal, there is a growing interest in Jazz Flute ..

Bart Platteau Tours With Amina Figarova

By Ganved14 April 15, 2018 (No)
Bart Platteau is unique among jazz flutists for a number of reasons, mos..

Mattan Klein in Paris, UK. USA

By Ganved14 April 5, 2018 (No)
Israeli jazz flutist Mattan Klein, a member of Jazz Flute Big Band Inter..

Galway Flute Festival, Weggis, Switzerland July 20-29

By Ganved14 April 2, 2018 (No)
  The Annual Galway Flute Festival takes place 20-29 July, 2018 in ..

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