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Ensemble Chaconne to Tour Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota

By Peter Westbrook November 10, 2014 (No)
Ensemble Chaconne and guest, mezzo-soprano Pamela Dellal, are about to e..

The Big Flute Challenge, Belfast, September 2014

By Peter Westbrook November 4, 2014 (No)
Editor’s note: Some weeks back we ran an announcement for the official..

Paul Horn: 1930–2014

By Peter Westbrook October 27, 2014 (No)
Paul Horn: 1930–2014 The classical-turned-jazz flutist, Transcendental..

Flutist Karen Aoki speaks on music, silence and Vedic Literature at TEDx symposium

By Peter Westbrook October 10, 2014 (No)
Karen Aoki studied flute growing up in her native Japan. She then came t..

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