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Norvis: Early Music in Durham, UK

By Peter Westbrook September 16, 2016 (No)
Where better to play, sing and enjoy early music than in the beautiful c..

Concert Review: The Colette Michaan Quintet

By Peter Westbrook August 25, 2016 (No)
Concert Review: The Colette Michaan Quintet — Madison Theater, Alb..

CD Review – Daniel Carr: Works for Flute and Piano, Volume 2

By Peter Westbrook August 7, 2016 (No)
Aside from a few undergraduate theory and counterpoint classes, Daniel C..

CD Preview: Mattan Klein — Sound Tracks

By Peter Westbrook July 25, 2016 (No)
Mattan Klein – Sound Tracks With CDs from Italy, Poland, a Londone..

Remembering More Jazz Flute Masters

By Peter Westbrook July 15, 2016 (No)
As the author of The Flute in Jazz it was my privilege to meet and inter..

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