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Michele Gori — Il Flauto Jazz in Italia

By Peter Westbrook July 6, 2016 (No)
Il flauto traverso è sicuramente uno degli strumenti più popolari in I..

Jazz Flute in Italy by Michele Gori

By Peter Westbrook July 6, 2016 (No)
[Editor’s note: This article was written by Michele Gori, one of I..

Walter “Foots” Thomas — A Profile

By Peter Westbrook July 4, 2016 (No)
Walter “Foots” Thomas was born on February 10, 1907 in Muskogee, Okl..

CD Review — Anette Maiburg: Classica Brasiliana

By Peter Westbrook July 3, 2016 (No)
Anette Maiburg: CLASSICA BRASILIANA – Pixinguinha, Nazareth, Milha..

CD Review — Lew Tabackin: Soundscapes

By Peter Westbrook June 29, 2016 (No)
Lew Tabackin has been a standard bearer for the flute in jazz since the ..

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