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Best Practices for High Quality, Technology- Enabled, Applied Music Teaching

By Ganved14 August 3, 2020 (No)
In response to the current limitations placed on musicians for performin..

Works for Piccolo — Jean-Louis Beaumadier

By Ganved14 August 3, 2020 (No)
[Editor’s note: It has been several years since we heard from Nanc..

Piccolo Works — Natalie Schwaabe, Jan Philip Schulze

By Ganved14 August 3, 2020 (No)
[This article appeared originally in theWholeNote and is used by permis..

A Tribute to Kadri Gopalnath

By Ganved14 July 31, 2020 (No)
. . . and an introduction to a new friend at Flute Journal: Flute Journa..

An Interview with Bansuri Master Hariprasad Chaurasia

By Ganved14 July 27, 2020 (No)
Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is the undisputed premier flutist in North I..

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