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All in a Day — Marc Adler & Vic Stevens

By Ganved14 September 7, 2020 (No)
Having reviewed the recordings of Philadelphia jazz flutist Marc Adler, ..

John Kember/Catherine Ramsden – Flute Sight-Reading: A Fresh Approach

By Ganved14 August 24, 2020 (No)
Flute Sight-reading: Pts. 1 & 2: A Fresh Approach (The Sight-Reading..

Flute Duet by Amina Figarova

By Ganved14 August 24, 2020 (No)
The American Composers Orchestra, out of New York City, presents Flute D..

Benefits of the FeldenkraisĀ® Method for Flautists

By Ganved14 August 15, 2020 (No)
[Editor’s Note: The following article has been adapted by the auth..

Covid-19 and Wind Instrument Performance

By Ganved14 August 13, 2020 (No)
With your editor attending open-air rehearsals of the West Winds Flute C..

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